This morning my patient came, whom I have not seen in over 6 months, wondering if he was able to fly to his vacation this afternoon due to severe hip pain.

Yesterday he was moving, and while carrying a rug over his shoulders, and twisted at the same time as turning and walking down the stairs, he experienced sharp pain in his left hip and a little bit at the low back area. He was unable to do any more work and had difficulty walking. He was thinking that resting would help, but after the night of rest, he woke up with still the same pain and moving the left hip was very painful even while still in bed this morning.

After evaluating the joints and muscles with a simple manual exam, I discovered that the problem was with the sacroiliac joint as well as the hip joint on the left side but also having lumbar subluxation on the right. After giving the patient a chiropractic adjustment, patient got up and stated that he is feeling better and there is no longer the sharpness of the pain and he was able to walk out of the office without limping. His vacation plans did not have to be changed! Thanks to chiropractic.

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