I had a patient that two months ago, when she just first started to see us, was in a miserable shape. She reported to have lack of energy, a lot of pain in all of her joints, menstrual problems and digestive problems all of which have been going on for years, but now have been getting worse. So in spite of her disbelief if chiropractic she came in to see us as the last resort. After modifying her nutrition, adding just a few supportive supplements, and giving her chiropractic adjustments using IQ impulse adjusting instruments, her life has been turning around. She is able to get up in the morning and her energy lasts till supper. She is now able to get all her children to their activities in the church building on Sunday, instead of just sitting for the entire two services because she could not move without pain and fatigue. Her menses have normalized, and all the bloating, gas and nausea are significantly better as well. She is happy with the improvement we are able to achieve in some two months, which is actually only 9 chiropractic visits!

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