Sometimes, or perhaps more often than we wish, life events happen at a different time then we expect them to. This happened in the arrival of our new baby boy, Adam George Roshior on July 5th. Ironically, now our first-born and last-born (fifth) share the same birthday, only 9 years apart.

For those who are interested to know how healthy birth happens, here is my story. I began having regular “tightness” every 5-7 minutes apart, but it was not enough for me to call them contractions by any stretch of imagination. However, with that regularity even with taking extra calcium and magnesium and plenty of water, I knew that the birth is inevitable. Now it was just a matter of time. With the three previous births, I went to get adjusted, and everything went well. However, this was 4th of July and no clinic is open. By the following morning, only after I got a good cervical/neck adjustment, did my tightness’s turned into contractions and the baby was born 1 1/2 (that is one and a half) hours later and only three pushes later (two for the head and one for the body). It was a perfect water birth. It was different from Samuel’s, in which case I felt I could relax better between contractions. This time, I could see a significant difference in the pain level when I was in the water verses outside the water during labor. Water birth is definitely more pleasant and a much easier clean up as well, just pull the plug.

It was amazing, that even without trying, Adam found and began nursing by himself. He latched on without me even trying to do anything, except to keep him warm while still being in the water, waiting to give birth to placenta.

Even though, according to our calculations, we had almost 3 more weeks until his arrival, but perhaps with all the supplements (and I took a lot more than with any other previous pregnancy), good food, regular adjustments and exercise, he just was ready to see the world before we were ready for it. He was born with a perfect APGAR score, weighing 7lb 7oz, being 22 inches long. Adam is a beautiful creation of God! We are all glad of his arrival and my children often fight among themselves whose turn it is to hold the baby. He is probably the most kissed baby in the world!

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