I am so exited for the very special day, May 21st at our office! First time ever that we will be having an entire day 8am-8pm dedicated to fundraising for a non-for-profit organization, CareNet.

This is how it will work. You sign up for an appointment on May 21st, and receive an Exam if you have never been with us at Complete Chiropractic Care, or if it has been a while, as well as a chiropractic adjustment all for FREE! All we ask is a minimum donation of $20 that we will pass along to CareNet, all 100% of it!

It’s that simple! No gimmicks, no catches, just come and support CareNet as well as doing something nice for yourself! After all, just like with a dentist, you need to see one every 6 months; it is a good idea to examine your spine at least once per year! And why not do it for FREE!

Call now for the special appointment on May 21st! Phone number: 630-460-6733.

-Dr. Olga

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