Migraine headaches resolved!

Recently I had a 17 years old beautiful lady come in after exhausting all options in pursuit to solve her mystery of migraine type headache for which she has been suffering for the past 3 years. Doing everything she could, and using medication, now has been missing school for 4 weeks because of her migraine headaches. Her family has been very skeptical of chiropractic care, but now they were here in my office as the last resort.

After examination, it was evident that first of all, we needed to correct some very obvious problems. Poor posture and numerous subluxations (sub-optimal motion) in the cervical spine/the neck joints, needed primary attention. Even after the first adjustment, she began experiencing some relief and after three chiropractic treatments she was able to go to school for an entire week, at which time, still continuing chiropractic care though out that week. There is still much work to be done to attain complete resolution of the migraine headaches, but it looks like we are on the right track with chiropractic adjustments. Chiropractic care re-establishes proper motion in each joint, that creates better neurological function, therefore, less pain, and as in this case – less headache and ability to go to school again!

Dr. Olga Roshior

Director at Complete Chiropractic Care

Symptoms have a cause, we find it and correct it.

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