No More Headaches!

A lady came in complaining of daily headaches and periodic migraine headaches in the last 8 months. Her doctor referred her to get acupuncture done, however, after examination, it was determined that there were other more structural things that needed to be corrected first. The patient agreed that if chiropractic did not improve her situation in 2 weeks, we will begin acupuncture. However, after receiving her 3rd adjustment, when questioned at the following visit, the patient could not even remember when was the last time she had a headache and there was absolutely no migraine headache since she received her first chiropractic adjustment. I suspect we will not need to do acupuncture after all, how ironic and that’s what she thought she wanted by coming to our office. Here at Complete Chiropractic Care we always strive to find the cause of the problem, rather than arbitrarily select a therapy in hopes it will work.

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