Lacrimal duct is also known as tear duct or nasolacrimal duct. On occasion it can get obstructed, closed or blocked. It is the passage from the medial side of the eye into nasal cavity. Lacrimal duct obstruction is a common condition in infants, when the canal that helps tears drain from the eye into the nose is ocluded in some way. It could be blocked by inflammation due to some infection or by the bony structures themselves. As you know, scull is made of numerous bones and they all need to move well relative to each other and their “joints” are called sutures. When that motion is not present, lacrimal duct will be obstructed.

Last week I had a patient who 4 months earlier was brought because of the symptoms related to lacrimal duct obstruction and the primary care doctor had scheduled him for a surgery. With the eyes full of puss, one worse than the other, with crusting in the mornings and thus difficulty opening eyes due to such buildup, his mother was looking for an alternative to surgery or at least have a second opinion.

Since previously to this baby, I had numerous children with lacrimal duct obstructions, of which we have had 100% success in just a few visits, I was eager to help this baby as well. After just two visits he was completely asymptomatic with only brief treatment (15 minute visits) of chiropractic and modified craniosacral therapy. It is wonderful to see that the benefit of just a few visits can last for months and the symptoms of lacrimal duct obstruction has not returned even after 4 months.

It is a joy to treat your babies!

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