We have invited various vendors that might be of interest to you to further enhance your well being as the New Year begins and you are deciding upon healthy choices to optimize the life and health for you and your family.
Speaking schedule on Saturday January 26th 4PM-8PM is as follows:
4:30-4:55 Dr. Olga Roshior – What is an Adjustment?
How does this Chiropractic thing work anyway?
She has chiropractic experience of over 12 years and also has
Ph.D. in Natural Health.

5:00-5:25 Gail Brown – Build the Muscle, Burn the Fat!
Want to really keep your New Year’s Resolution to lose weight this year by losing pounds and inches in a safe, healthy way? Learn how with Shaklee 180 can help you do just that! Also, free your home of toxic chemical cleaners & laundry products with Shaklee Get Clean products – safe, economical, family, pet and earthly friendly (info at table).
5:30-5:55 Amy Hansberger – will present information on eliminating Electro Magnetic Fields in the home and office – including ways to test for higher fields which can be harmful to your health – ria your home of annoying background Magnetic frequencies. Information on devices to rid your cell phone of radiation effects will also be covered.
6:00-6:25 Angela Stephenson – How to use pure powerful essential plant oils in everyday situations, instead of over the counter medicines with side effects and chemicals. Boost your immune system, disinfect a cut, get to sleep, sooth a digestive problem, balance hormones, freshen air & laundry, kill mold and more! Free Zyto Scan to identify which oils your body needs.
6:30-6:55 Natalia Derbieniova – Professional model and a mother, presenting all natural and organic skin and personal care products through Miessence/ONEGroup.
7:00-7:25 Dr. Dawn Olson – What is Naprapathy? Cranial Sacral Therapy & Lymph- drainage and how they lower inflammation, pain levels and tension.

4pm-8pm      Dena DeVore – FREE 15 min. massages!
(please sign up when RSVP, space is limited)

4pm-8pm      Julie Logan/Victor Roshior – BAX technicians.
Julie Logan is completing her studies in becoming a chiropractic physicianthis spring!

Learn how BAX technology can help a person with food sensitivities,environmental allergies, Asthma, Autism, ADD.

4pm-8pm  Godislav Roshior – Sprouting Fresh and Easy: have a salad without grocery shopping

4pm-8pm  Ester and Stefanie Roshior – yummy wheat-free breads and treats to try! Sweet Sister’s Bakery

Please come and bring your friends, relatives and neighbors!

Food, raffles and silent auctions will be a part of this wonderful and fun-filled Fair!

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