Pneumonia is an inflammatory condition of the lung, especially of the alveoli which are microscopic air sacs in the lungs, associated with fever, chest symptoms include cough, chest pain, and difficulty breathing, and have consolidation on a chest X-ray. Pneumonia is typically caused by an infection but there are a number of non infectious causes as well. The infection could be bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic.

This morning, one of my patients reported to have the quickest recovery from pneumonia that she could recall. Her typical history has been suffering with pneumonia at least once per year, taking antibiotics of more than one prescription back-to-back suffering with cough and chest pain for at least 1-2 months. This year she has come to get treated at our office and received chiropractic care, physiological therapeutics, specific nutritional/herbal supplementation and acupuncture. Within two weeks she has recovered from the symptoms of pneumonia and is reporting to feeling much better.

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