Looking back, intuition is a powerful thing which sometimes gets suppressed and ignored. Our emotional well being and our health are tightly linked together.

On Wednesday, just 6 days prior to Adam’s birth, we were planning to go to the beach. Inside of me, I did not want to go anywhere, I wanted to prepare for the baby. However, I was shoving aside those thoughts and desires, rationalizing that it is too early, doing self-talk “wait until after Godislav’s birthday party, just wait. why should all the baby stuff be out three weeks prior? Even if you start having contractions, there will be plenty of time to do it and go shopping for the diapers too” and so on. So instead of preparing for the baby, I said to myself it will be good for me to be at the beach and with the other children before the baby comes and takes more of my time from them.

On Sunday, I was happily telling everyone who asked, that I have 3 more weeks to go until the baby arrives. That afternoon we had a family birthday party for my mom (July 4th) and Godislav (July 5th). In the evening we went to the fireworks and party at our friend’s house, they have a great view of fireworks from their lawn. I was surprised at myself that I took the biggest, juiciest burger I had ever seen and enjoyed every bite of it! Yes, it was me, Dr. Olga! I could not believe myself. But I guess my body knew what it was getting ready for! The fifth marathon (marathon – that’s what I call labor). That night after all the kids were in bed, I went on-line to double check on all the Shaklee and OneGroup orders, and just because I felt like it, I took a look at and ordered some cloth diapers. After Samuel, I sent the once he used to my sister in law in Latvia. Why was I driven to order them now, a day before contractions, even though I wasn’t going to give birth for 3 more weeks, remember?

Perhaps it was not me who gives birth, but he who comes. My body is a vessel, but the baby is the one who decides when he/she is ready. Isn’t its similar between us and God. We are His vessels, but He is the One who guides us, uses our bodies for His glory and for His purposes when we allow Him and give ourselves up for His control. Then the outcome of our life is beautiful! Just like Adam who was born without my control, I had to surrender to the contractions that were coming regardless whether I thought they should or not, regardless whether I thought I was ready or not. I know, some of you might have had an opposite experience. You were all ready, or so you thought, for the arrival of the baby, but the baby would just not come. And once again, if you allowed nature to take charge, you wait until the baby is ready, and then the baby comes. Others, along with some members of medical community start playing with your mind, scaring you into the idea that “the baby is too big”, the baby is this or that, as if they know for sure, and then the invasion comes, the interventions which often bring along them undesired side effects.

Thank you for all of you, my dear patient patients! I am recovering well and fully trusting that Dr. Jill House is taking a good care of you in my current absence from the office. If any of you are interested in any particular topic, please let me know and I will be grad to blog my thoughts and my knowledge for your continual growth into reaching greater health.

Dr. Olga Roshior

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