A patient came in who, a year ago, had complete hysterectomy performed and was placed on two medications: Megestrol and Tamoxifen. Her main complaint to me was: extreme tightness and pain in the entire body and constant numbness and tingling in her both hands. In addition, for a year now, she has not been able to sleep for more than an hour at a time, feeling either extremely hot or extremely cold. During the day, having absolutely no energy, and has not been out of the house in months. Another complaint is of being extremely emotional, very volatile, and no sexual drive at all. She feels exhausted and frustrated, and wants to feel like a human being again.

Coming to see us for care, a combination of muscle work and chiropractic, after the second visit, she reported to be able to sleep for at least 4 hours straight at night. She had enough energy to do regular house work for the first half of the day. And now reports feeling more optimistic about the future to come, that there is hope for her. It is amazing what a chiropractic adjustment can do!

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