Parents bring their children for chiropractic care for numerous reasons. A simple cold, allergies, asthma, lachrymal duct obstruction, ear infections and inflammations, colic, toeing-in or toeing-out, uneven shoulders, uneven hips, flat feet, scoliosis curves in the spine, etc… have all been reasons for visits. Even though we as chiropractors don’t treat any of theses conditions, we treat the individuals that also have these problems, and they get better. However, another reason has also been a distorted head shape. You might have heard the phrase “structure dictates function”. That is a very applicable phrase for the shape of a head. It is thought that if the head is distorted, the function of the brain would not be as optimal as it could be if the shape of the head has no dents or flat spots or mountains at the sutures. Unfortunately there is no possibility to carry out a true scientific study comparison due to the uniqueness of the individuals and the highly functional capacity of the brain to start with.

Needless to say, it has been delightful to see wonderful changes in infants. How the shape of their heads could be undergoing such wonderful improvement even within a few visits. Of course, in every case it has been different. The younger the child, the quicker the change is possible, even within a week or two!

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