This week I had a 20 year old young lady presenting with numbness and tingling in both arms and hands where all fingers were involved. As she would take her arms up, as in attempt to do her hair, any lifting higher than horizontal reproduced very strong numbness and tingling in her arms and hands. This phenomenon is called Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, TOS for short.

Thoracic outlet Syndrome (TOS), is impingement of nerves that are giving information to the upper extremities. Most commonly TOS occurs on one side, but this week, for this particular patient, who spent a lot of time studying and at the computer in a poor posture, it caused this particular nerve impingement to both arms at the same time. As with any impingement, nerves could be compromised by either joints, muscles or fascia in the cervical (neck) and/or upper thoracic (upper back) at the vertebras and/or ribs. Since chiropractors are neuro -musculo-skeletal specialists, we identify the exact location of the compromise and using chiropractic adjustments the nerves once again have ability to function without interference!

This is exactly what happened, after identifying the location of compromise, we call subluxation, administrated chiropractic adjustment to the appropriate subluxated joints, the patient no longer had any numbness or tingling in either of her fingers, hands, forearms and arms right away! Chiropractic works wonderfully. She no longer has TOS symptoms and can once again enjoy pain free living as any 20 year old should!

If you, or anyone whom you know, has numbness or tingling in any area of the body, please encourage them to see a chiropractic physician who can identify where is the cause of the nerve problem and correct the function of the body. Remember, nerves that are compromised for too long begin to have numerous negative effects such as muscle atrophy (where muscles shrink in size), other internal organ suboptimal function, and locally at the joints – degeneration which leads to arthritis. With chiropractic care, so much can be prevented!

Dr. Olga Roshior

Director at Complete Chiropractic Care

Symptoms have a cause, we find it and correct it.

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