Ready for school?

Summer is a great time to increase our exercise, eat more fresh healthy foods, maintain extra rest and calming habits, and spend quality time with family and friends. As we move through the beautiful summer months, we know that school will be starting up again very soon. We would like to help you to step into the next season in greater health!

Starting of a new school season can bring several stressors to the family. There are new schedules, new people with whom to work, and new educational challenges for children and adults alike. There are extra expenditures and shopping for supplies, clothes, and college necessities. Family members of all ages can benefit from regular health and stress management services. Maintaining adequate rest, diet, and exercise will promote growth and health.

Our primary care doctor, Dr. Arina Chapman, offers care for the whole family. We provide nutritional evaluation and counseling, organic whole-food nutritional supplements, blood tests, and state required school physicals, camp and athletic physicals. We also offer evaluation and counseling for vaccine choice. And of course, when your family is in need of care in times of sickness or injury, we provide integrative medical treatment with prescriptions and therapies which are appropriate for your needs. Our office offers chiropractic, naprapathic and massage therapies as well.

Wishing you a healthy summer and upcoming school year!

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