A patient suffering with a foot pain for 3 years, was so thrilled that after an adjustment to her foot a week ago, she has had at least 95% improvement! Sometimes we do not realize that we carry chronic pain. However, nagging pain for 3 years is no fun way to live your life.

Some people do not realize that all the joints in their bodies need to be able to move appropriately to have the mobility and pain free living. Chiropractic physicians have been trained to take care of all the joints in the body, not only the spine. However, neurologically, the spine is the most important since the vertebras protect the spinal cord and it’s branches. When the vertebras are not moving appropriately, the corresponding nerve branches which are called nerve roots, will be compromised. All the nerves in the body supply information from your brain to every cell: every tissue, gland and organ. That carries great implication!

Let’s make sure that all of our joints work optimally, to create the best functional bodies we can have! I wander if the entire US population could get chiropractic care, we would probably see a lot more healthy people in this country, and for generations to come.

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