Headache – Free!

Headaches could result from various sources. Very often headaches are accompanied by neck pain or stiffness which is commonly called the tension headache; it could also be referred to as cervicogenic headache. Sometimes they are due to allergies, when sinuses are irritated and inflamed or watery eyes are some of the common symptoms of environmental allergies due to pollen of flowering plants. Cervicogenic headache or tension headache technically is a result of cervical or neck joints not working properly and thus, compromising and irritating the nerves that come between each vertebra, supplying information to the entire head and neck.

So now I had 16 year old boy with both cervicogenic or tension headache and allergies that have been chronic with daily headache for the past 2 years. After just two chiropractic adjustments, the headaches have been completely gone and even sinuses improved and no longer any symptoms of allergies are present after the third adjustment!

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