Menstrual cycles, also referred to as “period”, are a result of a “hormonal orchestra” in a female, where various hormones in the body including estrogen and progesterone have to work in a perfect harmony. When such balance is interrupted by various factors in our environment, the hormonal orchestra no longer sounds good and various symptoms can arise. Some symptoms of unbalanced hormones could be the PMS symptoms which are not normal to have which could range from irritability, crying, and rage. Other symptoms of unbalanced hormones could be abdominal pain, low back pain, bleeding for too long or not bleeding at all, bleeding too much or the bleeding starts and stops without any regularity, acne, breast tenderness.

One of my patients was suffering with haphazard menstrual periods where the menses could stop and go whenever they pleased. She was tired of it and came to see me. In addition to chiropractic care I also recommended for her various supplements that she seemed to be deficient in as well as some specific supplements known to help balance hormones. She states that ever since she began taking the recommended supplements, within the first month, her period became very regular and predictable within a day. She stated that she does not remember having such perfect cycles in her life, short of a pill! Even though she no longer has been taking all of the supplements recommended in the last two months, she continues to have excellent regularity and “harmony in her hormonal orchestra” and absolutely drug free!

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