Colic is a condition when intestines spasm in pain. Often associated with gas or excessive painful flatulence. This little baby of just one month old was brought to me for evaluation. Her mother reported not to have had any sleep of more than 2 hours at a time and most awake time is spent with baby in the arms and screaming. I have treated numerous babies with colic and this baby was no exception. She had a few subluxations in her spine that needed to be corrected and the most gentle corrective way is chiropractic adjustments. Since mother also nurses that baby, I recommended that she would discontinue all dairy products in her diet. After just 5 chiropractic adjustments the baby has been able to sleep well and is a happy baby without any symptoms of colic anymore! We are also having a happy mother who is able to sleep at night. Now it has been 2 months since the beginning of her initial visit and she is still absolutely colic-free baby. As a mother of 6 I wish every mother would know that there are drug-free solutions to many health problems. Bring your child for a chiropractic evaluation, it is different from a pediatric evaluation; it might offer you greater insight into your child’s health.

Dr. Olga

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