Osteoporosis is the bane of modern existence. Vast amounts of money are spent on combating this condition. Could it be that the answer is in your kitchen? Let’s take a look at the composition and making of stock.

The nutritious components of stock include many vital nutrients, such as minerals from bone, especially calcium and magnesium and potassium. It is full of gelatin and collagen, components of the bone matrix, and gelatin aids in digestion and allows for better assimilation of protein in the digestive tract. Looks to me like a recipe for healthy bones.

Making home made broth is not difficult and much healthier then you think. For those who watch salt, you can use less when you make your own. Making stock requires a pot (crock pot for those who are busy) water, and bones with meat and time. Stock is best when bones are used such as knuckle bones and marrow bones, chicken backs and necks, fish skeletons with fish head. Take your pick.

To prepare stock, place bones in the crock pot, cover with water, add a spoonful of sea salt, pepper, bay leaf, cloves, or any other herb of your liking. I like to add a whole onion with all the skins on it, as it provides a nice amount of quercetin, a flavonol, which has antiinflammatory and antioxidant properties. Turn your pot on low and leave for 24 hours. Of course you can speed up the process by pouring boiling water into the crock pot and leaving it on high until the content is bubbling and then reduce it to low temperature for the rest of the time.

Now you are ready to eat it as it is; add water and vegetables to it to make soup, or use it in other recipes. I like a cup of hot broth on the cold day just by itself.

Dr. Arina Chapman, D.O.

Family Physician at Complete Chiropractic Care and Integrative Medicine

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