As the school began, some people already are getting sick with various infections. Today I had a patient that had just 4 days of school and already came down with sinus infection, bilateral ear infection and a sore throat, headache and full body ache and fever. She was unable to breathe through any nostril and very miserable even though was put on very strong antibiotics since Monday.

Chiropractic is fantastic! As I examined her, she had much restriction in the joints of her neck and a loss of her cervical/neck curvature. Even while in process of treating her with a chiropractic adjustment her ability to smell, returned. In addition, she came out much happier then what she was coming in.

I know, now her body will be in the process of healing and she will fight all that infection as she already began to drain her sinuses and ears through the Eustachian tubes more efficiently, because now she no longer has as much interference to her central nervous system. Our bodies are truly, fearfully and wonderfully made and chiropractic helps our bodies work without the road blocks. It is wonderful, no drugs, no surgeries, yet better health!

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